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  Do I have to be a member of AMC to participate in an activity?  
    No, anyone with an interest in joining AMC may attend activities.    
  So anyone can show up to participate in an activity?  
    Trip activities require registration and contact information is provided for the leader in the activity listing. Registration allows the leader to know how many people are coming, sometimes trips have a size limit, and allows the leader to discuss any special attributes of the activity that may be beyond the general hike rating system. The trip leader will tell you when and where to meet for the activity.

To participate in Club and Chapter activities, individuals under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult, and obtain prior consent from the trip leader.
  What's the Hike Rating System?  
    AMC's Hike Rating system is a way of describing the activity in three categories, distance, pace, and terrain. The title of each activity contains a three part code, X-Y-Z, for this information. The code values are as follows:

Hike Ratings
AA = +13 miles
A = 9 to 13 miles
B = 5 to 8 miles
C = under 5 miles

Leader's Pace
1 = very fast pace, 2.5 mph or faster
2 = fast pace, 2 to 2.5 mph
3 = moderate pace, 1.5 to 2 mph

A = very strenuous
B = strenuous
C = average
  When carpooling to an activity how much should I pay the driver?  
    Here is a suggestion of a fair way to figure how much to give your driver to reimburse them for gas:

Take the total number of miles driven by each car with riders aboard.
Multiply by the number of vehicles.
Divide by the approximate average of the miles per gallon your cars get.
Multiply by the approximate going rate for gas in the area.
Divide by the total number of participant, including drivers.
This is the amount each rider pays to their driver.

An example…For a 100 mile trip from meeting place, and back to the meeting place, with 3 cars, and 12 people:
100 miles X 3 cars = 300 miles. 300 miles divided by 20 miles per gallon= 15 gallons used.
15 gallons X $3.00 cost per gallon of gas= $45.00 total spent for gas.
$45.00 divided by 12 people= $3.75 that each person gives their driver.
  If I'm injured on a trip, you'll pay for the best doctor money can buy right?  
    Anyone participating in an AMC activity must sign a Volunteer Release Agreement prior to the start of the activity indicating that they understand the risks involved with the activity and accept full responsibility for them. Neither the trip leaders nor AMC can accept responsibility.    
  How do I get one of those cool hike leader jackets?  
    Only leaders and prospective leaders under the guidence of a leader can organize and publisize activities through Chapter media. Please see our Guildlines and Procedures document for information on how to become a leader for the chapter.    
  I'm not in peak physical condition, can I still participate in your activities?  
    The chapter offers a number of different levels of activities. The Hike Rating System (See Above) is a guide you can use to judge the general level of effort and intensity and if you see something you are interested in, you should contact the activity leader to discuss your specific circumstances.

In addition to our scheduled activities, the HARP (Hiking At a Relaxed Pace) group holds weekly activities that are easier and close to the Capital District. Contact Frank and Dee Wind, (518) 458-1781 for more information on these activities.
  What are the deadlines for scheduling activities?  
    Activities are publicized in three ways: the website; the club publication, AMC Outdoors; and the chapter publication, On the Western Slope. Since the AMC Outdoors is published bi-monthly and On the Western Slope is a quarterly publication there are overlapping deadlines. The chart below shows the deadlines (subject to change) for the individual publications and an effective date to maximize publicity for an activity being held in a given month. It's not required that activities be listed in both publications but the effective deadline will give your activity the most exposure.

Those individuals who meet the leadership requirements (see FAQ #6) should submit trip plans to the Outings chair, Kevin Cox for approval based on this schedule.

Activity to be held in:AMC Outdoors DeadlineWestern Slope DeadlineEffective Deadline
JanuaryNovember 13December 18November 13
FebruaryNovember 13December 18November 13
MarchJanuary 13December 18December 18
AprilJanuary 13March 18January 13
MayMarch 13March 18March 13
JuneMarch 13March 18March 13
JulyMay 13June 18May 13
AugustMay 13June 18May 13
SeptemberJuly 13June 18June 18
OctoberJuly 13September 18July 13
NovemberSeptember 13September 18September 13
DecemberSeptember 13September 18September 13
  Why should I join the AMC?  
    The Appalachian Mountain Club promotes the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the mountains, forests, waters, and trails of the Appalachian region. Membership gives you discounts on lodging and gear, see for a full list.

The Mohawk Hudson chapter helps maintain trails in our area, engages in conservation activities, as well as providing a variety of outdoor activities for people to participate in the local area. While non-members are welcome to participate in these activities as a way of evaluating the club, they are encouraged to join once they decide they enjoy participating in those activities.

Incidentally, if you do decide to join the AMC, please consider doing so through our Join link,, as the chapter receives extra remuneration when you do so.
  Is there a policy about the fees for artivities that span multiple days?  
    Yes, you can read the chapter's multi-day trip financial policy here    


  How was this website created?  
    Generally this website was created by hand, no special editor was used. Certain components have been "borrowed" from other websites, either through imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or one of the many free code repositories. The menu system was created through the Button Generator. The W3Schools online web tutorials site is an excellent reference for web technologies and is referenced frequently. Calendar application obtained from . Slideshow started with the one at but a number of bugs had to be fixed before it was usable.    
  How do I arrange for electronic delivery of the chapter newsletter?  
    AMC members can register with the AMC's main website and choose their delivery preferences. A document explaining the procedure can be found in the How To section. Here's a direct link to the article.    
  Who should I contact if I find a problem with the site or have a suggestion?  
    You can contact the webmaster at for problems/questions about the website. You can contact a specific committee chair from the Executive Committee page or email the entire Executive Committee at    
  How can I view the publications on this site?  
    The publications on this site use the PDF format which a widely used format. They are viewed through the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be installed from here When installing it is recommended that you uncheck the option to install the Google toolbar as this provides very little value.    

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