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Outdoor Areas

There are a number of outdoor areas in our area, some well known and some not so well known. This resource is a work in progress database to gather information on those areas. Each area has a pointer to a Google map where the access points for the area are located, general information about the area, what guidebooks cover the area if known, links to other websites with information about the area, and in some cases interesting pictures from the area. You can also start with the Google Map, click on a symbol to find what the area is, and click on the info link to see the information on the area.

This database continues to grow with input from people like you, so if you know of an area not listed here or have additional information on an area, Drop us a note.

Click on the links for more information on that area.
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100 Acre Woods    (map)
Albany Pine Bush    (map)
Ann Lee Pond    (map)
Ashford Glen Preserve    (map)
Ballston Creek Preserve    (map)
Barberville Falls Nature Preserve    (map)
Battenkill    (map)
Battenkill / Goose Egg State Forests    (map)
Bear Swamp Preserve    (map)
Bearpen Mountain    (map)
Bennett Hill Preserve    (map)
Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site    (map)
Berlin State Forest    (map)
Black Creek Marsh WMA    (map)
Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail    (map)
Burl Trail    (map)
Capital District Wildlife Management Area    (map)
Carters Pond Wilderness Management Area    (map)
Charleston State Forest    (map)
Chestnut Woods State Forest    (map)
Christman Sanctuary    (map)
Cole Hill State Forest    (map)
Cossayuna Lake    (map)
Crane Mountain    (map)
Daketown State Forest    (map)
Deer Mountain Nature Trail    (map)
Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center    (map)
East Bay Wildlife Management Area    (map)
Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve    (map)
Elm Avenue Town Park    (map)
Featherstonhaugh State Forest    (map)
Five Rivers Environmental Education Center    (map)
Galway Preserve    (map)
Geiser Preserve    (map)
Grafton Lakes State Park    (map)
Great Flats Nature Trail    (map)
H. G. Reist Wildlife Sanctuary    (map)
Hadley Mountain    (map)
Hannacroix Ravine    (map)
Heldeberg Workshop    (map)
Hemlock Trail    (map)
Hollyhock Hollow Sanctuary    (map)
Hoosic River    (map)
Hudson and Nancy Winn Preserve    (map)
Hudson Crossing Park    (map)
Hudson River Boat Launches - North of Troy    (map)
Hudson River Boat Launches - South of Troy    (map)
Indian and Mettawee Rivers    (map)
Indian Kill Nature Preserve    (map)
Indian Meadows Park    (map)
John Boyd Thacher State Park    (map)
John Boyd Thacher State Park - North    (map)
Joralemon Park    (map)
Kayaderosseras Creek    (map)
Kayaderosseras Creek Preserve    (map)
Kenrose Preserve    (map)
Lake George Boat Launch    (map)
Lake George Wild Forest (East)    (map)
Levine Preserve    (map)
Limestone Rise Preserve    (map)
Lincoln Mountain State Forest    (map)
Lisha Kill Natural Area    (map)
Lock 4 Canal Park    (map)
Louise E. Keir WMA    (map)
Margeret E. Burke WMA    (map)
Moccasin Kill Sanctuary    (map)
Mohawk Hudson Bike-Hike Trail    (map)
Mohawk River State Park    (map)
Moreau Lake State Park    (map)
Mt. Tom State Forest    (map)
Normanskill Farm    (map)
Normanskill Preserve    (map)
Old Maids Woods    (map)
Orra Phelps Nature Preserve    (map)
Papscanee Island Nature Preserve    (map)
Partridge Run State Forest    (map)
Partridge Run WMA    (map)
Peebles Island State Park    (map)
Phillipinkill Preserve    (map)
Pittstown State Forest    (map)
Plotterkill Preserve    (map)
Prospect Mountain    (map)
Railroad Run    (map)
Rensselaer Technology Park Trails    (map)
Rensselaerville State Forest    (map)
River Road    (map)
Sanders Preserve    (map)
Saratoga National Historic Park    (map)
Saratoga Spa State Park    (map)
Schenectady County Forest Preserve    (map)
Schodack Island State Park    (map)
Schoharie Creek Preserve    (map)
Shenantaha Creek Park    (map)
Stark's Knob    (map)
Stewart Preserve    (map)
Swift Wetland    (map)
Switzkill Natural Area    (map)
Taconic Crest Trail    (map)
Tawasentha Park    (map)
Thompson's Lake State Park    (map)
Tibbits State Forest    (map)
Tongue Mountain Range    (map)
U-Hai Nature Trail    (map)
Uncle Sam Bikeway    (map)
Ushers Road State Forest    (map)
Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve    (map)
Waitecliff Preserve    (map)
Whitbeck Memorial Grove    (map)
Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park    (map)
Winifred Matthews Holt Preserve    (map)
Wolf Creek Falls Preserve    (map)
Woodlawn Preserve    (map)
Woods Hollow Nature Preserve    (map)
Zim Smith Trail    (map)

All content contained on these pages is for informational purposes only and may be subjective or out of date. Anyone visiting these areas is responsible for their own safety.

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