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100 Acre Woods

In the middle of the Luther Forest Technology Campus there is 100 acres set aside as a natural area. There is about 2 miles of trails through this area and another section is in the works. The area is surrounded by paved multi-use paths further increasing the available distance that can be covered.

The trails are wide and smooth, laid out in a series of interconnected loops. There are a few hills with a gentle grade and there are stairs at one particularly steep spot. A barrier fabric can be seen poking up in various places where the wood chip mulch has been displaced. There is a signpost at each intersection with color coded arrows although the overall map is only at the start of the paths so having a good memory or printing out the map ahead of time is a good idea. Stone benches have been placed at a number of strategic spots and bridges span the stream crossings.

It doesn't appear that the parking areas are plowed in the winter. You may be able to pull far enough off the road on the shoulder or else park in the plowed lot at the STEP trailhead on Hermes road. It also doesn't appear that the paved sidewalks are plowed either, providing more area to ski.

The hill where the red trail meets the green trail is probably the steepest section of trail and does have 2 fairly unforgiving turns and should only be attempted by the experienced. Trails have been cleared fairly wide, making it easy to sidestep up or down. There doesn't appear to be an easy way over the central stream except by taking off your skis and using the bridge/stairs. Those with snowshoes might be able to navigate the brush and downed trees.
One of the numerous Stone benches that dot the trails at the 100 Acre Woods
Stone Bench
One of the color coded markers at the 100 Acre Wood, indicating the direction of the trail.  This is at the intersection with a yet to be completed trail
Intersection Marker
An elaborate bridge over a stream at the 100 Acre Woods
Elaborate Bridge
An example of the trails at the 100 Acre Woods.  You can see a piece of fabric sticking up from the woodchip mulch.  This will keep all but the most shallowly rooted plants from growing on the trail.
Trail at 100 Acre Woods

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