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Barberville Falls Nature Preserve

The Barberville Falls Nature Preserve is a 117 area owned by the Nature Conservancy and consists of three short trails. The outstanding feature of the area is the falls themselves which drop 92 feet and really can't be appreciated from pictures. There is a small pull off opposite the Brookside Cemetery for parking and numerous No Parking signs elsewhere.

The preserve is closed to the public from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The Creek Trail is located just Northwest of the parking area along Plank Road. It is a smooth, unmarked trail except for signs at the ends. It goes down the slope to the banks of the Poestenkill and then goes a short distance both upstream and downstream. Round trip is about a mile.

The Falls Trail is .3 miles south of the parking area on the first road on the left, Ives Corners Road (some maps show it as Blue Factory Road), on the opposite side of the road from the dirt Banner Hill Road. The trailhead is well marked and the trail is relatively flat to the top of the falls. Stoneworks remain of a mill project that apparently was never finished can be seen. The trail descends steeply from here to the bottom of the falls. Round trip is about .5 mile.

The Ridge Trail is .1 miles along the Ives Corner Road and may be difficult to locate. It is opposite the fourth telephone pole from the Falls Trail and you may need to get up on the bank to see the actual sign. The trail is generally well defined and marked with orange diamonds or orange ribbon in a few spots. The trail starts out rocky as it winds its way around a flattened stone fence but quickly joins up with what was probably an old cart path used by the neighboring farm. Right before that intersection there is a junction for the loop the trail makes but it isn't well marked from this side. At approximately .75 of a mile the trail makes a sharp left onto a less wide but still well defined path through the woods. You do have to cross four tributaries to the Poestenkill but they are narrow and plenty of stepping stones can be found to cross over dryly. The trail comes to the Poestenkill opposite the southern terminus of the Creek Trail and then climbs a ridge along side of the stream. While glimpses of the falls can be seen from the trail, hemlocks block a clear view. Round trip is about 1.3 miles.

9/16/2012 - The majority of the obstacles have been removed from the ridge trail. As you approach the Postenkill there may be some missing markers as the trail makes a sharp left off an old road about half way down the slope and that turn doesn't seem very obvious.
Natural Areas of Rensselaer County, New York
Shot from the top of Barbervlle Falls on April 26th, 2009
Barberville Falls

Barberville Falls
A calm stretch of the Poestenkill from the Ridge Trail.
The Barberville Falls sign in the pulloff on Plank road.
Barberville Falls Parking Area
The drought of 2012 was very noticable at Barberville Falls as seen in this 9/16/2012 photo.
Barberville Falls without so much falls

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