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Geiser Preserve

Geiser Preserve is a 95 acre parcel owned by the Rensselaer Land Trust. The trail to Geiser Preserve is at the end of Lindeman Road, which is a narrow paved road just beyond the Taborton Fire Station. The sign for the road is set back a little ways so it is easy to miss. At the end of the pavement the road appears to turn into a private driveway. there's a spot on the right where several cars can be parked although it is unclear if this is intended to be a parking area or just a convenient place to plow snow into.

A short way down the drive an old road leads off to the right. This road is wide and fairly smooth except for some little rivlets and has a gentle grade making it easy for skiing. After 1.25 miles there is a 3 way interfestion with the right branch going downhill. You want to take the left branch past a yellow and black reflective sign pointing back the way you came. After a bit you will head uphill and start to see signs for the Rensselaer Taconic Land Conservancy (RLT's old name) on either side of the road. If you walk along the road to the top of the rise before turning right the bushwacking to the top of Perrigo Hill seems to be easier with less blowdowns to contend with. While you can see for quite a ways to the West and East in several spots, even the bare branches in winter prevent you from having a real good view.
Natural Areas of Rensselaer County, New York
Rensselaer Land Trust
Looking back at the junction with Lindeman Road and the Eastern Turnpike.
Geiser Preserve Trail Junction

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