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Mohawk River State Park

Mohawk River State Park covers 107 acres in the vicinity of Lock 7 and has a boat launch as well as hiking trails. New York State purchased what was previously known as the Schenectady Museum Natural Preserve when making this park. The Mohawk Hudson Hike-Bike trail runs through park and serves as the starting point for a number of interconnected trails through the woods including the John F Brown Trail system which run through 100 acres of Niskayuna Town Land North of the park.

There is parking at the intersection of the Hike Bike Trail and Lock 7 road, the Lock 7 parking lots as well as next to the wastewater treatment plant on Whitmyer Drive. It's also possible to start at Blatnick park and follow the disk golf course to hole 4 where it intersects with the trail.

The trails are generally well defined and the John F Brown trails are generally well marked with colored plastic squares and some paint blazes. In general Blue markers go North and South, Red go East and West, Yellow signifies a loop and White marks a connector trail. In addition there is a 7.5 mile loop that goes through all 5 of the official trailheads that is marked with Black on Orange markers which is shown on the map below.

There is a recent development on private property which has lead to some of the trails in the center area being discontinued and some alternative routes created which are less well defined. The State Park land proper has a large number of connected trails but markings are lacking in some places. It may not be clear on maps but there are 2 power lines running through the property so keep that in mind when making decisions on which way to go.

Terrain is varied and runs through a number of ecosystems: mixed forests, overgrown fields, ravines. There are a few hills but the trails switchback so they aren't too steep. Most of the stream crossings have bridges. There are some older, informational signs and a number of newer markers providing some identification details for the trees they are on.
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A sign at the Mohawk River State Park marking the Bobolink nesting area.
Bobolink Nesting Area
A new bridge being built as a scout project across a stream at the Mohawk River State Park.  Note the robin's nest half way across.
Bridge under construction
One of many tree identification signs at the Mohawk River State Park
Tree identification sign
One of several informational signs at the Mohawk River State Park
Informational Sign
A map showing the John F Brown trail system north of the Mohawk River State Park
John F Brown trail map
A stump next to one of the trails in the Mohawk River State Park
An old stump covered with mushrooms
A look into one of the ravines at the Mohawk River State Park
A Ravine at Mohawk River State Park
While the orange arrow somewhat insistently tells you to turn left, if you were following the Whit-Shaker trail, you would want to turn right.
Trail intersection Mohawk River State Park
A tugboat and Canadian Geese below lock 7 at the Mohawk River State Park.
Tugboat and Canadian Geese at Lock 7, Mohawk River
examples of the trail markers for the Whit-Shaker and Shaker Gorge trails where they intersect with the Hohawk Hudson hike-bike trail.
John F Brown trail markers
7.5 mile loop marked with orange markers
7.5 mile loop marked with orange markers
An older map made before the state purchased the land showing the southern part of the trail system
Older map

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