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Plotterkill Preserve

Plotterkill Preserve is owned by Schenectady County and covers 632 acres. There are three waterfalls (40 - 60 Feet) in the western part of the preserve on the Plotter Kill and Rynex creek. There are a number of interconnected trails and various offshoots to scenic spots, the largest loop being about 5 miles. Trails are hilly and some sections are steep. There are two trailheads, one on Mariaville Rd, route 159, and the other on Coplon Rd. Only small metal signs mark the trailheads on the road.

Trails are generally well defined and marked with faded paint blazes. There are a number of herd paths though so it pays to watch carefully. One particularly confusing section is the first crossing of the Plotterskill below the falls. When you get to the bank from the North, you will want to head downstream to pick up the trail. Before reaching the intersection that heads to the Coplon Rd trailhead there is a new, oranged blazed trail that heads back to the Route 159 trailhead allowing you to make a loop of the western section. It's unclear if this trail is official or not.

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Not all of the waterfalls at the Plotterkill Preserve are large.
Small waterfall at Plotterkill Preserve
The rim of the Upper Falls at Plotterkill Preserve
Upper Falls at Plotterkill Preserve
A bridge over the Plotterkill in the western part of the preserve.
A bridge over the Plotterkill

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