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Tibbits State Forest

Tibbitts State Forest is an 893 acre parcel in the Northeast corner of Rensselaer county. There is a parking area on Route 7 just before the intersection with Route 22. A short distance from the trailhead the trail splits.

To the right is what appears to be an old logging road that goes for two miles with a couple of steep parts. It runs parallel to Route 7 for a distance before turning deeper into the woods. There are two small stream to cross.

To the left is an old road with another fork, the left branch going .75 miles to a parking area on Route 22, the right - 1.5 mies with a gentle incline.

A path has been made from the end of this road to the old logging road to form a loop. This path is rough in places but looks more like a trail every year. There is one small stream to cross.

There is another section of the forest North of Route 7. There is a parking area for this section along Pine Valley Road.
04/14/2014 - There are a number of trunks on the ground, that are fairly easy to step over. Trails are somewhat muddier than usual.
Natural Areas of Rensselaer County, New York
DEC State Lands Interactive Mapper
An interesting stream runs alongside the trail in Tibbits State Forest.
Tibbits State Forest
A hollow tree next to the trail at Tibbits State Forest.  Opening was about 2 feet high.  No elves or cookies were observed.
Now That's Hollow

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