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Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park

The Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park is a collection of natural areas in Saratoga county including 12 miles of trails. Some of the trails are groomed in winter for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. The trails are relatively flat, well defined and marked. The area has a variety of ecosystems and habitates for a number of imperiled and endangered species.

Neilmann Parcel (map) - a 145 acre parcel, with 1.6 miles of mostly forested trails. There are two connected loops of trails, the Western loop crosses a series of old split log bridges over some swampy areas.

Old Gick Farm / Fox Parcel (map) - These two parcels lie on opposite sides of Route 50 and are an important habitat for the Karner Blue butterfly. Old Gick Farm is very open and the trails generally follow the edge of an open field. There are a number of interpretive signs talking about the flora and fauna in the area. The Fox Parcel is a little more varied with fields of wild Blue Lupines but also forested areas and borders some wetlands. The red trail ends somewhat abruptly but the trail continues on along unposted private property. Look for boundry signs at the edge of the pacel.

Camp Saratoga/Opdahl Farm (map) - This is the largest contigous parcel at 310 acres and contains a number of interconnected trails. There is a DEC parking lot on Scout road but the "trail" leading from it is unofficial and only marked with orange tape. A better approach would be to walk a short distance along the road to the crosswalk where the trail crosses the road or park in the Town of Wilton parking Lot at the Eastern edge of the plot. There is a small parking lot at the northern edge which may be difficult to locate, the barn next to it is almost overgrown except for the top of the silo. The trails to the south of Scout Road are a little more varied with some hills and Delegan pond. The northern trails are generally forested with an open section in the Northern Opdahl Farm portion.
Natural Areas of Saratoga County
Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park
A field of Wild Blue Lupines border the path at the Fox parcel in the Wilton Wildlife Preserve
Wild Blue Lupine
One of the interpretive signs at the Old Gick Farm in the Wilton Wildlife Preserve.
Interpretive Sign at Old Gick Farm

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