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Zim Smith Trail

The Zim Smith Trail is a multi-use trail in Saratoga county that follows an old D&H railroad line. Currently it is 10 miles long but several expansions are underway to extend the trail both North and South. The main access point is at the Shenantaha Creek Park but some parking can generally be found where the trail crosses roads.

The current terminus on the Southeast is at Coons Crossing where there is a small parking lot for 4 cars or so. Be sure to bring a shovel if visiting in Winter. The trail is hard parked dirt and gravel for a little under 3 miles and then becomes paved. There are several ponds and marshy areas alongside the trail and plenty of the typical avian wildlife found in that type of ecosystem. While one side or the other is generally wild, the other side tends to be someone's back yard.

A little over 1.5 miles the trail crosses English Road and you could probably drive around the barrier and park a car or two here. Around two miles there is a junction with the Ushers Road State Forest trail. At approximately 3.5 miles the trail crosses Curry Road and there is parking at the town park the trail runs through.
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