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Enter the following information for trips you have led. This will allow us to generate trip reports and statistics.
Click here to edit a previously entered trip

 - Not every field will be filled in. If the trip is cancelled then you will use the Cancelled Reason and possibly Cancellation Notes instead of the Trip Summary.
Information is filled in across three pages. First you will enter the general information about the trip, then you will enter the participants, and finally you can attach a photo from the trip.

Activity Title    Rating

Start Date    End Date  

Activity Type 

Trip Summary
Give the name of the trip, the date, a brief story about what happened, any unusual or interesting tidbits.
You will be asked to enter the participants on the next screen.  

Number of Participants

If activity was cancelled, check reason 
      Not enough sign-ups
      Other (specify below)

Cancellation Notes 


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