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Trip Reports - 2014

April 16 - Huyck Preserve, Rensselaerville
We were surprised by an overnight snowfall of 4-5" which covered any signs of spring that might have been on the trails. The group proceeded briskly up the west side of Lake Myosotis. We sheltered out of the wind on the porches of buildings of Frog Camp on Lincoln Pond, and returned via the Wheeler-Watson, Ordway, and East Side trails for a total of 6 miles. We were treated to rushing waters and a full cascading set of waterfalls.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Karen Ross, Lorre McCarron, Charlie Beach, Dave Esmond, Audrey Wyman, Ellen Kozlowski, Kendra Pratt, Chris Grossman, Mary MacDonald, Mary MacDonald

Photo by Charlie Beach

April 12 - Rochester Hollow, Shandanken Wild Forest
A great warmish day for a delightful 7 mile walk through the estate carriage roads and two newish DEC trails. We saw few signs of spring although we heard peepers in loud chorus and watched a pool of other frogs jumping and sunning. A treat was being joined by Alan Via, author of the recent Adirondac article on Rochester Hollow, so he was able to fill us in on more details and history of the place.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Roger Dietlin, Dorothy Russell, Amy MacDonald, Chris Boucher, Mike Boucher, Stacey Michon

Burroughs Memorial

March 8 - Huyck Preserve
What was presented to us as participants for the terrain starting out led to a guessing game as to what footgear to wear. Two of the participants chose microspikes thinking that the trail would be packed hard enough. Unfortunately the trails turned softer after about a mile and a half, therefore we turned around. The hike to that point was very pleasant, and presented enough incentive for us to return at a future date to explore this marvelous preserve.

  Leader: John Tifft  Participants: ellen kozlowski, mary folsom

March 8 - Wilton Preserve X-C Skiing
A fine day for spring skiing. The snow softened so the icy trails were easy to maneuver and we could go off into the woods to explore a bit without encountering crusty conditions. Six(?) miles; lunch at a lean too. Home early.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Charlie Beach, Linda Neil

Wilton Preserve, the end of the trail.  Photo by Charlie Beach

March 5 - Shaker Mountain
Seven of us hiked & snowshoed a 6.5 mile loop around Shaker Mountain. On this nearly perfect twenty-something degree day, five of us began the trek on microspikes, with two opting to wear snowshoes from the beginning. A little over halfway, we all had to put on snowshoes due to softer, deeper, more unbroken snow. Though we couldn't see most of the sights due to snow, we enjoyed looking for fenceposts or a glimpse of stone wall and discussing the history of the area. Four of us stopped at Blueberry Hill Cafe for a hot drink and a snack on the way home.

  Leader: Michelle Filiault  Co-leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Mike Boucher, Martha Waldman, Ellen Kozlowski, Anneliese Lawson, Gerry Weber

March 1 - Peaked Mtn
Peaked Mountain March 1,2014-It was a great day for a hike. The temperature was 6 degrees. The trail was easy to follow, although the snow filled in the trail in parts. The trail to the mountain is steep near the top. The footing in the deep snow was difficult. We stayed on the summit, briefly. Afterwards, we had lunch near the pond. From there, we retraced our steps and got back to the truck. A great time was had by all.

  Leader: Kevin Cox  Participants: Sue Jordan, Myra F.

February 26 - Featherstonhaugh State Forest (Nordic Skiing or Snowshoeing)
We had planned a cross country ski trip but snow conditions dictated that people might feel safer on snowshoe, so we opened the trip to snowshoers. We ended up with two skiers and 5 snowshoers, and we all stayed together. We did one side of the figure eight shape on the north side of Lake Road, crossed the road, and did the big loop on the south side of Lake Road, then back to the cars. Although cold, we were all warm enough due to lack of wind and the exercise.We then went to the leaders' nearby house for lunch. Two of the participants found out about the trip through direct email from the leader, and the rest found out about it from the web.

  Leader: Nancy Crowther  Co-leader: Will Crowther  Participants: David Esmond, Gerry Weber, Sue Jordan, Kathie Armstrong, Jack Daniels

February 19 - Grafton State Park X-C Skiing
Grafton Park snow was ideal for skiing as all the rocks and logs were deep beneath the snow. We skied the Spruce Bog Trail from Mill Pond to Fire Tower Road, then skied down the road to the NIMO trail, returning to Mill Pond via Long Pond Rd which was also skiable rather than taking the shorter but tricker skiing of the Cutover Trail. During the ski we experienced high winds. sleet, and snow, but had a great time.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Michelle Filiault, Mike Boucher, Dave Cedar, Mary Folsom

February 15 - Peebles Island State Park
All participants in this hike, excepting perhaps one, were gratified that some pioneering snowshoe packing work had been done the previous day on most of the trails at Peebles Island State Park. Even if the day was a rather dismal grey, the views of the rivers were still grand, and one had to agree with someone we met along the Perimeter Trail that it "was still a glorious day". What made it even more special was seeing a Pileated Woodpecker, along the way, foraging for edibles without any seeming notice of our presence. In all we did 3.7 miles of leisurely snowshoeing. We had four participants that were all members, and one non member who was informed of the hike by Ellen.

  Leader: Jean Laverdure  Co-leader: John Tifft  Participants: Ellen Kozlowski, David Esmond, Esther Sosman

February 12 - Dyken Pond Snowshoe
Bitter cold temperatures caused several registrants to cancel the morning of the snowshoe. Seven hearty souls met at the Environmental Center entrance where the sky was blue, the temperature at brisk 4F, and the snow deep and fluffy. The Long Trail parking lot was unplowed so we started out at the end of the road and went out on the pond before we began on the forest trails. An auto emergency necessitating several calls to and from AAA resulted in shortening of the planned hike, but spirits were high with agreement to come again to finish the trail, perhaps in the spring between the mud and bug seasons.

  Leader: S, Sharon Bonk  Participants: Dale Blanchett, Mary MacDonald, Marthal Waldman, Katie Henriksons, Dave Cedar, Mike Boucher

February 8 - Thacher Park
February 8, 2014 Thacher Park
We had a beautiful winter day for our 5 mile snowshoe. It was sunny, with a brilliant blue sky, very little breeze and temperatures in the teens. We quickly warmed up as we made our way along the Fred Schroeder Trail. We stopped briefly at High Point for a great view of the Capital District area and we could see our next destination Hang Glider Point. As we made our way to Hang Glider Trail we found that no one had yet broken trail through the snow on the Long Path Trail which would connect to the trail we needed. Cliff enthusiastically took the lead and broke trail. At Hang Glider Point we again enjoyed the views as well as a snack. We then made our way back to the cars. The birds were also enjoying the weather, along the way we heard a raven and a couple chickadees.

  Leader: Martha Waldman  Participants: Sharon Bonk, Kaaren Caron, Pat McPhee, Cliff Prewencki

High Point on the Fred Schroeder Trail

February 6 - Notchview X-C Ski
Rescheduled from February 5 when the snowfall was too heavy to drive to Windsor MA. We began skiing at about 10:15 amidst the groomers and very few other people. Five participants skied the intermediate trails in the woods to the shelter where we saw the notch. In the afternoon we sought the sun in the open fields and doubled back on the new Berkshire Trail. The visitor center has recently been renovated and includes a snack bar and waxing room and upstairs lounge area.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Lore McCarron, Karen Ross, Vicky Singer, Sabine Prather

January 29 - Schenectady County Cross Country Ski
We changed the venue of this easy cross-country ski trip to Schenectady County Forest, where we knew the snow to be OK. It was cold (12 degrees) but sunny and not windy, and we were fine due to actively moving. We skied the main loop at County Forest, then moved to our nearby house, where we had a warm-up break inside. We then skied on newly completed trails in our woods. At both locations we could have used more snow, but it was acceptable. After the skiing we had a lunch of hot soup and bread, and then had a surprise music playing session with Chet on fiddle, Nancy on bass and Will on recorder! Kathie and Chet learned about the trip from me, having skied with them yesterday on an ECOS trip. Dave Esmond learned about the trip on the website.

  Leader: Will Crowther  Co-leader: Nancy Crowther  Participants: David Esmond, Kathie Armstrong, Chet Harvey

Three of the five of us, with brilliant blue sky and nice snow

January 8 - Catskill Outing
It was cold and there was little snow left, so the snow shoes rested in the car. There were patches of ice but our stabilizers and micro-spikes took care of that. So six of us started hiking at about 10:30. The lakes were frozen and the sun was pleasant. Near the North beach somebody decorated some balsams with Christmas decorations. We looked and found some striations from last ice age thanks to Dr. Titus who taught us at our annual meeting. The view of the Hudson Valley was spectacular, one could really see the icy ribbon of the river. Lunch was at the Mountain House or what is left of it. This hotel has gone downhill, there service was lousy. The only disappointing thing was that there was not enough snow.

  Leader: Gerry Weber  Participants: Wil Crowther, Nancy Crowther, Ellen Kozlowski, Josie Twombly, Darcy Dyer

January 1 - Schodack Island State Park
An unexpectedly sunny 20 degree New Year's Day greeted us for this 4.1 mile trip. The flat trail was icy, but no one had troubles. With the leaves gone we had good views of the Hudson

  Leader: Arthur Fontijn  Co-leader: Frank Wind  Participants: Ellen Koslowski, David Esmond, Chris Boucher, Mike Boucher, Gerry Weber, Dee Portzer, Lena Weber, Rolf Weber, Anne Finch, Paul Esmond, Claire Esmond, Thomas Camingo, Rosemary Camingo

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