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Trip Reports - 2018

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April 14 - Hike at Thacher Park
Following his talk about the Long Path, Ken Posner led us on a short easy hike along the escarpment of Thacher Park, and then circled back. What was very intriquing about the hike was that Ken walked the entire length in his bare feet! The day was cold and threatening to rain, but no matter, it was good to get out!

  Leader: Kenneth Posner  Participants: John Tifft, Mary O'Connell, Ellen Kozlowski, Brad Nohr, Betty Nash

April 11 - Catskill 100 Highest: Narrow Notch Mtn
After climbing the state forest road to col and then tote roads reaching Narrow Notch's ridge line, its southeastern knob at 3160', and lunching, we as a group much enjoyed tired, a quick snow sliding descent in near last winter snows back to Relay Road, with no convincing to continue by me, enjoying nature's artistry in snow print and open wood views to white flaked, rolling hills along our tramp (4 miles / 5 hours).

  Leader: Jean André Laverdure  Co-leader: John Tifft  Participants: Ellen Kozlowski, Nancy Crowther, Will Crowther

Open woods descent...

April 7 - Invasive Species Workshop
This workshop was held at Staalesen Verheyden Preserve. There the participants were treated to a training invasive species identification session by Spencer Barrett who is the Terrestial Invasive Species Coordinator for the Capital Mohawk PRISM. I was the only participant from our chapter. While pointing out what to look for when looking for bittersweet, buckthorn, fragmonti, etc., we did some pruning of the trees infected with bittersweet.

  Leader: John Tifft

March 9 - Moreau State Park Snowshoe
At first there were eight, but by the date of the event, there were 4 of us who treked about 5 miles along the lake, up Mud Pond to Western Ridge to Turkey Path and down Red Oak Trail to the winter cabin and its welcoming and warming fire. The day was sunny and the snow hardpacked. We brought snowshoes and microspikes, but it was each hiker's choice of footgear as it all worked, including bare boots.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Bob Armao, Kathleen Helfrich, Katie Henrickson

Warming Cabin, Moreau State Park

February 28 - Burbank and Brothers Trails Lenox MA
We had an early spring hike on a midwinter's day! Brooks were rushing down hill, the sun was shining, and the temperature was mild. We followed the hike with a stop at the Depot for special coffees and ice creams.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Mike Boucher, Dave Cedar, Bob Armao, Nancy Crowther, Will Crowther

February 23 - Indian Meadows, Glenville Town Park.
Two hikers at 8:30AM, John and I met at Andersen Park to explore Glenville’s trail system. We there decided to wear micro-spikes. After hiking the Red Trail to circle Forest Hill, we returned north to cross the new wetland boardwalk meeting skiers along the way, to our crossing an almost washed over footbridge into Indian Meadows Park. Now following the Perimeter (Yellow) Trail, we walked the park’s eastern edge and heights. Once along the park’s northern edge, we went west to a short trail going further north to the YMCA’s playground. We backtracked from there to John’s spotted car at the Park’s playground in time for the start of a drizzle (3.60 miles / 2:12 hours). After a pleasant winter day’s walk in fresh thin snow, I returned in early March to ski new snow, pleased to find the Perimeter’s double tracks groomed for my skiing.

  Co-leader: Jean André Laverdure, John Tifft

February 14 - Anchor Diamond park snowshoe hike
The picture shows a photo-shopped image by Anne Finch, with a picture of the old Hawkwood Mansion which is now in ruins. What we saw in the park was an old stone fireplace left from the mansion, and some wells. This trip was intended to be a ski/snowshoe trip, but the snow was icy, so Will is the only one who skiied. The rest of us were in snowshoes or boots with traction devices. We had a good time on the nice trails.

  Leader: Will Crowther  Co-leader: Nancy Crowther  Participants: Anne Finch, Dee Portzer, Martha Waldman, Ellen Kozlowski, Charlie Beech

The gang in front of a historical picture of Hawkwood Mansion

January 31 - Grafton State Park Hike
Light, fluffy snow greeted us in upland of Grafton State Park. There was insufficient snow for snowshoes but enough to hide all the ice on the trails as we hiked with microspikes. Equipment issues slowed the group at the beginng so that we completed about a third of the 5+ miles by lunch time. The circuit of Long Pond awaited and we did it in good time under continually sunny skies.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Bob Armao, Ellen Kozlowski, Katie Henrickson, Esther Sosman, Dave Edmonds, Dsle Blanchet, George Nagy

January 19 - East Mountain to Shays Rebellion on the AT
A group of four Chapter members, we climbed to an East Mtn outlook wearing micro-spikes to expansive views across our valley destination below. Backtracking west, most of us butt-slid parts of our descent from the rocky, snow covered ledges back across June Mtn, woodpecker here drumming, to the Housatonic River. Appalachian Trail was now a flooded ice covered path, down beneath five inches of powdery snow with the ice at times breaking beneath us. Beyond US 7, we climbed Limekiln Cobble to reach the Shay's Rebellion Monument (after 6 miles and 800 feet of gain).

  Leader: Jean Laverdure  Participants: John Tifft, Kathleen Helfrich, Mike Boucher

January 17 - Ski/snowshoe at Schenectady County Forest
Eight brave people set out under snowy conditions to Schenectady County Forest. Three were on skis and the remaining 5 on snowshoes. We skied the whole loop, including the second “Boy Scout Trail” loop. Most of the two trails were flat but there were a couple of short hills where the trail changed level. The snowshoers went right up, and the skiers practiced their herringboning skills. Everything was powder covered and it was very pretty. The snow was excellent. We then went to the leaders’ house for hot soup, bread and cookies.

  Leader: Will Crowther  Co-leader: Nancy Crowther  Participants: Janet Angelis, Deb Richards, Ellen Kozlowski, Kendra Pratt, Dee Portzer, Anne Finch

The whole gang in the snow

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